Edgar Khojikyan


Suren Chanchuryan

Dancer, choreographer

Melik Mavisakalyan

Composer, conductor

Vladimir Abroyan


Anna Marikyan

Ballet dancer, choreographer

Hasmik Leyloyan

Kanon player

Ashot Aramyan

Sculptor, designer

Avo Khalatyan

Actor, singer

Sergey Smbatyan

Conductor, violinist

Khachaturyan Trio

Classic trio







Artashes Grigoryan

He was born 31 July, 1958 in Yerevan. From 1965 to 1975 he studied at the Secondary School N 34 in Yerevan. In parallel, he studied at the Yerevan Music School after Tigran Chukhajyan, class of composition, then graduated from the Musical college after Romanos Melikyan /1979/. In 1976-1978, worked as a pop group leader of the pioneer chamber of the Orjonikidze district. In 1979-1981, served in the army. In 1981-1983, taught at the "Armconcert" pop studio. In 1983-1984, worked at the Aesthetical Center. In 1984-1991, graduated from the Moscow State Dramatic Art Institute, the Department of Producing/ the specialty of pop and mass arrangements producer. In 1985-1988, worked at "Popular" as a musician. Since 1987 he had taught at "Armconcert" studio, then In 1992, was appointed the President of the National Philharmonic Agency. In 1992-1994, before the establishment of the Armenian State Song Theater, was appointed the Art Director of the Armenian state jazz orchestra. Since 1994 up to now he has been working as the Art Director of the Armenian State Song Theater, simultaneously, in 1995-1998, was appointed the Director General of the Youth Chamber. Since 19.01.2001 he has been a member of the council of the RA Public Television and Radio Company. He is an author and producer of ceremonies of presentation of "AYO" ("YES"), "777" TV shows, the "ASUP" competition, he is an author and producer of "HENTS AISPES", "TES" TV programs, as well as of the annual sponsorship competition of author- performers of the Armenian Zakyan Fund. He initiated and headed the pop course of the Yerevan Art-Theater Institute. He is an author of the "Green zone" and "Artsakh Voices" project. He is an author and producer of the "Yntsa" annual pan-Armenian competition-festival. He is an author of numerous songs and children’s musicals, as well as an author of the organization of mass arrangements, festivals, thematic and pop concerts.



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